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My Beef with Zelda II

There has been surge of fantastic Zelda II content on the internet as of late; Jeremy Parish’s complete and thorough analysis of Zelda II’s overall design (for better and for worse) over at has been a consistently delightful read. Over at Ben Hall (Video Game Take Out) is currently documenting his latest play-through …


Riskbreaker: The Bold Brilliance of Vagrant Story

Having perfected their craft on Nintendo’s 16-bit Super Nintendo, Square was well poised to enter the next console generation with a bang. Boosting an incredibly talent staff of designers, producers and artists, and fresh off of console bending efforts such as Chrono Trigger, Treasure of the Rudras and the hotly anticipated …

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together European Collector’s Edition

Following a long tradition of screwing North American collectors out of special edition versions of their games, most recently with The 3rd Birthday and the Dissidia follow-up, Square-Enix has some explaining to do. First Dissidia: Final Fantasy, now this… I am getting pretty sick of having to import these from …